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In June 2020, a popular vlogging family, the Stauffers, revealed that they had dissolved the adoption of their son, Huxley, and arranged for his adoption to a different family. Huxley had been adopted from China at the age of 2 and had been in the Stauffer’s home for 2 years. In response to the Stauffer’s public statements about the adoption dissolution as well as the social media backlash when the news became public, my students and I created a series of videos. These episodes link aspects of this particular case with research on adoption dissolution and other relevant topics. We hope that these videos are helpful in putting this case in context as well as understanding what factors could prevent adoption dissolution. We’d love to hear from you if you have additional questions that we weren’t able to address.

Episode 1: Background
Episode 2: Research on Adoption Dissolution
Episode 3: Motivations to Adopt
Episode 4: Preparation for Adoptive Parenting
Episode 5: Behaviors following institutional care
Episode 6: Parenting adopted and biological children
Episode 7: Adoption Competent Professionals
Episode 8: Role of the Adoptee and Adoptive Parents
Episode 9: “Sharenting” in the context of adoption
Episode 10: Final thoughts and implications

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